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Are you worn out? Tired of relationships that you give more then get? Do you want someone there just for you? Someone that won't criticize your life? So the dishes aren't done, dust everywhere and your not sure where the vacuum is? Consider a cat! They are low maintenance. Food and a clean litter box (5 minutes work tops) is all they require. A cat returns love! Not unconditional love, but true love all the same! The condition is you must love and treat them with kindness! Treat an animal like crap and they will be crap!


Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Little One didn't  eat or drink over night. I stopped at a grocery store that of course had no truck parking. I parked a couple blocks away and bought baby food, chicken, turkey, ham and beef. She licked a little but that was it. Little  One gets a appetite pill so we'll see if that helps.... Little One doesn't lack energy! No teeth and claws trimmed but still was able to put up a good fight. As a last ditch effort she peed on me and my bed. She got the pill and I just realized I have no change of cloths. 10 hours to home, oh boy!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Little One is back in the truck. Our driver is on vacation so I'm back driving for the week. Little One's foster person is on a trip and so Little One stopped eating. This could be attitude or her medical issues. She did get an appetite stimulant and she is eating but we shall see.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Santa claus will soon arrive. I'm helping him out by playing Santa Claus at Petco. This Saturday and Sunday 1 to 4pm will be it until next year. I enjoy all the animals. Cats, dogs, rabbits,  gwinnie pigs and much more, even a snake. So if your in the area of Southridge mall in Greenfield Wisconsin stop by the Petco. Hope to see you!


Generally I would have a cat to talk about. I'm changing carrier paths and will only be driving part time. So for now I will not be taking any more feral cats. That may change because my wife and I  are talking about maybe setting up something at our house. I will still take the unruly to the vet. I will also help work with the cats at Happy Endings No Kill Cat Shelter.

Monday, November 16, 2015


Generally speaking, well writing Happy Endings No Kill Cat Shelter has several cats that need more then most are willing to give. If your home all day or live alone for what ever reason, why not adopt a friend. Shelter have so many animals that need help. If your over 60 years of age why get a kitten or a puppy? A cat can live for over 18 years if taken good care of. You would be almost 80. So many things can change in your life that could force you to have to abandon your friend. Happy Endings No Kill Cat Shelter will take any cat they adopted out back, but then who will take your 15 year old cat. If you adopt an older animal you can share your love and if something happens you have given them at leat that time. Cats are easy to care for. You don't have to bend down, contrary to popular belief. Cats will use a litter box on a raised area. Would I want a litter box on my dinning room table? No! An end table away from where people sit with a perch to get in and out from, yes. If your single and looking, an older cat can keep you company while you look. Kittens and puppies  are cute but only for less then a year, then they are cats and dogs. And those that think they will get a kitten and train it, will soon find them selves being trained. An older animal gives you the opportunity to get a personality that fits yours.


Autumn is back at Happy Endings No Kill Cat Shelter. I can't do much with her, she flinches when you approach her but then lets you pet her. Autumn is just skittish and there is no way to help her until she gets adopted or goes to a foster home. The shelter has several cats that just can't handle a caged life. Autumn needs work and will be a great companion, if someone would take the time. She is such a unique looking cat, red with drowns and some black mixed in. Autumn likes to be pet. She doesn't bite although if you go to fast or stick your hand in front of her face she will run. I took her just to see how she was doing and she is doing fine.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Little One has a oral disease that is way to long of a word for me to remember, much less spell. What it basically comes to is that Little One is allergic to her teeth. The only solution is to put her down or remove all her teeth. Happy Endings No Kill Cat Shelter is going to remove all her teeth. Little  One has gained weight and is looking great, but has stopped eating again. Everyone was hoping that removing her teeth wouldn't be necessary. This is not easy on an animal and is only being done for Little One's overall health.  The foster person deserves a big pat on the back for the great job she's doing. The shelter could use a lot more people like this foster. No one knows how much pain this causes the animal. Little One ate for me and the foster because we biult a trust with her. I hope the foster will continue to help Little One. She's is a great cat and they all deserve great homes!